At Foilit, all products are manufactured with quality materials and carefully assembled using the latest technologies available. With experience across a range of different applications, we can help you with foiling on a wide variety of substrates and end uses.

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Fast Turnaround

With our flexible work patterns and standby lines we're always able to make an immediate start when the pressure is on and time is against you. In these circumstances where there is a genuine need we're more than happy to work extended shifts to make things happen and , more importantly - at no extra cost to you.

Subject to foil availability we can boast a 24 hour turnaround - 
which we believe is the fastest in the industry.*

Overflow / emergencies 

Even in a well planned business you can find yourself with more orders than capacity. Foilit can take the pressure off your production line and provide a seamless addition to your own laminating resource. And when time is really tight our immediate response service allows you to maintain your commitments without disrupting your own operations. 

Complete outsource 

When you realise the benefits that outsourcing can bring to your business, you can see why it's a serious alternative to setting up your own facility.

*Fast turn around is subject to foil, base and all materials being available on-site and excludes glue cure time.


Inkjet marking

Inkjet marking is something that few other laminating companies offer. By generating a unique ID and works order number, we can accurately trace your goods through the foiling process. With this service Foilit can provide you with complete traceability of product - especially useful if you use more than one laminator or have your own operation.

Every product that leaves us has its own discrete ID, date and batch number to make it easy to identify its source. What's more, we can include any special markings or codes to make it compliant with your own systems and procedures. 

In-house foil slitting 

Cutting foil in-house means that we can react more quickly to urgent demands and provide a more effective service for complex profiles. 
We can cut any commercially available foil on demand to any width to suit your particular project or product. 

Packaging, labelling and storage 

We'll make sure that you receive our finished product in an organised, robust and efficient way that supports your production methods. We can copy your own end label designs and produce on site if required.

All finished goods are stored inside at a temperature above 18c for the required curing period as specified by the adhesive manufacturer's.

Aluminum profile section
Foilit order tracking


We know that the last thing our customers want is to be on the phone chasing their orders.

Foilit has invested in its IT systems to enable us to show you daily standardised reports. These reports contain a spreadsheet showing full production status. You will be able to see your orders, the status and quantities of base materials and foil, production slots, and once completed, delivery availability and finished quantaties.

This puts you in control of what's happening with your orders and enabling you to react early should there be any issue or changes required.

This service will keep you one step ahead.


Technical advice

Having provided foil laminating services for many years we’re always happy to share our knowledge and technical know-how. 
With experience across a diverse range of applications, we’ll be able help you by suggesting alternative ways to use foil laminating and give advice on how to reduce costs.

Product development

Our prototyping facility can provide the reassurance that proposed new products can be tested and proven. As your partners in product development, we’ll work with your team to make sure you and your clients are fully satisfied before committing to full-scale production. 

We can even get involved earlier on in the design process of new products, to give you advice on the technical possibilities and provide you with the peace of mind that they will be fit-for-purpose and production-friendly.

Foilit Business Support